Packing Up

The school year is over and the fat lady is warming up in anticipation of singing.

I have six hours of grading to complete, then I’ll have completed my obligations at USC Upstate.

This evening several really nice people are coming over to help pack up my pick up truck and U-Haul trailer.  Then it’s a long drive back to Ohio.

I’ve met many wonderful people in Spartanburg.  At the top of the list are those who took my classes.  Several took both Cost Accounting and Intermediate Accounting 2.  Most are in their mid twenties or older.  I could be personal friends with so many of them, if only I was sticking around.  Then there are the bridge players who took me in and gave me a nice way to relax away from the job.

From a career perspective, coming to University of South Carolina Upstate was a horrific mistake.  Up north at least, people knifing you in the back have the decency to do it to your face.

From a personal perspective, coming to Spartanburg, SC, was the best thing I’ve ever done.  So many wonderful people, I’m tearing up to think I won’t see them again.

by David Albrecht


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2 responses to “Packing Up

  1. Karrie

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take those two courses with you as my instructor. I will take and wholeheartedly attempt to apply everything I’ve learned from you into my career. I wish you the best! Upstate has certainly lost an asset.

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