Intermediate 1

This page is for students of ProfAlbrecht’s Intermediate Accounting 1 course at La Sierra University Zapara School of Business.  This course is taught during fall quarter, 2014.

Intermediate accounting is a 30 week, full year course of study.  This quarter we are covering weeks 1-10.

s-intermediate1.2014.fallOn this page you will find copies of all documents for the class.



Accounts receivable 12/11

Cash & bank reconciliations 12/9

Present & future values 11/20 & 12/2 & 12/4

Revenue recognition 11/18

Balance sheet 11/11

Income statement 11/4 — 11/6

Accounting concepts 10/28 — 10/30

Financial reporting environment 10/21 — 10/28

Accounting cycle 10/7 — 10/16

Review of Financial Statements 9/30 & 10/2

Other stuff

Homework table of contents

Graded tests and assignments

Real Money Simulation Game

Old tests




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