Are You Overwhelmed Yet?

I also could have asked if you are whelmed (look it up, I did).

Students at B-schools really suffer at this time of year.  After Thanksgiving break, one or two weeks of class are followed by a week of final exams.  Profs are stepping on the gas by cramming four weeks of lectures into too few remaining classes.  Students are busy with projects, papers, tests, readings and studying for finals.

At this time of year students are too busy and exhausted for insightful reflective thinking, which is what they need most as college courses climax.

(C) Jorge Cham -

(C) Jorge Cham –

I’ve been working with very full To Do lists for the past two weeks, often surpassing >150 tasks to complete.  Today the list is at a comfortable 42 items.  Not that I’m going to work on anything.  I’m on Thanksgiving break.

by David Albrecht

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