Cool Things Happened in Class Today

I really like my Intermediate Accounting 2 classes this semester at USC Upstate.  I have a section of 23 at the main campus in Spartanburg, and a section of 5 at the satellite campus in Greenville.

Throughout the semester students were aware that I was being forced to leave USC Upstate and I was out looking for a new job.

Today in Spartanburg I told them I had accepted an offer, and the students applauded me!  It surprised me, and I didn’t know how to react.  But I felt respected, appreciated and loved.

Other events in the class?  Nicole brought a big bowl of lemon blossom treats to share with the class.  Fabulous.

And, I returned graded mid-term tests.  Twenty of the 28 earned a grade of A, and five earned a B.  I then applauded the students for a job very well done.  I am so proud of them.  I have raised my grading standards, and these USC Upstate students have responded in a very impressive way.

By David Albrecht


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