Landfill Harmonic – Musical Instruments Constructed From Trash

Throughout my academic career I’ve had professorial colleagues who have complained about stupid and lazy students who don’t belong in college.  They have taken it upon themselves to turn their courses into flunk out machines.  At my most recent previous school, I was instructed to fail 30% of my students in a certain accounting majors class.

I’ve always rejected such a notion.  In my experience, students show they are eager to learn if they receive but a bit of encouragement from a caring professor.

Someone is making a movie about people in Cateura, Paraguay creating musical instruments from discarded trash retrieved from a landfill.  That’s correct, a garbage dump.

The documentary–Landfill Harmonic— is a project in progress.  They are accepting donations that will allow completing the film.  The project is supported by people such as Alexandra Nash (ex-wife of NBA player Steve Nash).

Check it out.

P.S.–Here’s a nice update.

by David Albrecht

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