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David Albrecht Loves Accounting

David Albrecht Loves Accounting

David Albrecht, Ph.D., CPA, is an accounting professor.  He has taught at both a liberal arts college and a large state university.   He enjoys teaching financial accounting as well as cost/managerial accounting.

When he isn’t in class, he is usually reading and sending posts to the international e-mail listserv for accounting professors, AECM–Accounting Education Using Computers and Multmedia. His usual topics are higher education, financial accounting regulation and humor/movies.

Although not famous, he has gained some notoriety for having his students play Monopoly and then do the accounting for their experience.  He calls this simulation game Real Money, and will send anyone a copy if only they e-mail him.

He now has a secondary teaching area:  social media and blogging.  This follows from his recent blogging, at The Summa and at Pondering the Classroom.

Although apparently well received by students, no one has ever rated him a red hot chili pepper at RateMyProfessors.  With good reason. He claims that, “I am to sexy as Scarlet Johansen is to ugly without curves.”  Ugh.

In his spare time he plays bridge and boggle.   Interested in playing with/against him in the Spartanburg-Greenville area?  E-mail him to set up a match.

Contact David Albrecht at albrecht@profalbrecht.com.

Prof. Albrecht as drawn by loving fan. (c) Albrecht

8 responses to “About Author

  1. Deb Kirby

    Stop me! I started to read some blogs and my teacher mode was in full gear. The grammar errors blocked my enjoyment. I thought only my middle school students made those errors. The site is great though…you are doing a fabulous job of getting the students to write. No better way to become a better writer than write, write, and write some more! I am on Christmas break and had to quit reading so I can cancel my teacher mode and just RELAX! :)deb

  2. Deb Kirby

    Love the drawing done my a “loving fan”.

  3. ilovemyclass.com

    OMG – so cool. You must love accounting – I’d rather eat liver! How awesome are you? This is sooooooooooo splendid. An accountant with personality!! I’m going to recommend my friend David Atkinson, follow you, too.

    Great stuff!!

  4. Just found this blog. It’s honest and pure.

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