Study Tips from Memes

As defined by Merriam-Webster, a meme is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”  In 2012, many of us think of it as an image or video passed from one social media user to another.

The study of memes is important, because memes open a window into the popular culture.  Memes that spread quickly reveal what a large number of  people think or believe.

I am an accounting professor, and what students think is of interest to me.  I performed Google image searches on key words related to studying.  Google results are structured to reveal the most clicked on images first.  All images presented in this blog post are thought to be in the public domain.

Most of these memes convey what older generations have called gallows humor.  Those who are about to be hanged are somehow able to find humor in their situation.

A consistent theme running through the various memes is that studying is painful.

Why does studying feel like a never-to-be-fulfilled resolution?

Sometimes, failing to study receives no sympathy.

Does this meme help to motivate?

Do threats from friends and associates help motivate?

Well, perhaps the promise of rewards to come will help motivate. There is always hope, even if it seems the system is rigged.

Is Emma Watson a positive motivator?

Several memes examine the issue of how students study for a test.

There are several thoughts on what is studying. It’s not surprising that people have different  views on it.

From some student’s dictionary:

Pandas agree.

But it doesn’t work for some students.

There are downsides to studying.  Sometimes the strangest things are remembered.

Could it get any worse?  Sure.  Sometimes nothing is remembered.

There are warnings about staying up all night.

Here’s a warning against studying in bed.

And here’s a warning against studying with friends.

For some, this is an important equation to remember.

The Asian dad disagrees, though.

My next blog post will focus on memes about procrastinating.

by David Albrecht

by David Albrecht

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