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And the Beat Goes On

Up in North America, fall semester is about 60% complete.  Well, complete may be not be the best term to use given that an awful lot of professor dumping still needs to fall on students.  Professor dump?  Papers, projects and tests.

When I was a college student, it seemed as if a semester would last forever.  It would just go on and on, sort of like the beat.

Salvatore Philip Bono and Cheryl Sarkisian (a.k.a. Sonny and Cher) were a force back then.  I really liked them.  He was short and smart, and she was a wild and unpredictable babe.  I loved their TV show, it seemed so clever and wholesome.

Sonny wrote one of the all time classics, “And the Beat Goes On.”  The video clip I’m embedding here isn’t the best recording of the song, but it captures Sonny and Cher on their show when both were singing well, and they both seemingly liked each other.

by David Albrecht


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