A Skype Interview


Pic Credit: Opi HR Blog http://hr2012.wordpress.com

Yesterday I participated in a job interview via Skype.  When I was younger, I could never have imagined living in a world where such a thing could happen.

In a room at a middle American university, five accounting faculty members were seated at a small conference table.  I was seated at my office desk in South Carolina.  Both of us had a high def web cam on a computer.  The sound quality was excellent, at least on my end.

Their task is fairly straight forward.  They are looking for a new colleague.  So is my task, to find a new job.  At this stage in the faculty recruiting process, the ball is in their court.  They have been contacted by a number of professors.  In a process not unlike speed dating, they have a few minutes of face-to-face time to form an impression about the prospective faculty member.  If they see something they like, they will invite the job seeker to their campus for a day long interview.

I think Skype interviews are great.  Oh, I had to get past the personal doubts about the impression I was making.  However, as an important part of the job search process I don’t think Skype interviews can be beat.  I was able to watch the recruiting committee members as they asked their questions and listened to my responses.  Because of being able to watch each person, I felt much at ease.

And, they could see me.  I hope I came across well.  I dressed up for the occasion, and tried to speak in complete sentences.  I’m sure the visual aspect of the interview will help them decide whether or not I have something to offer them.

by David Albrecht


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4 responses to “A Skype Interview

  1. Ginger Green

    So does this mean you will not be at USCUpstate next fall? If so, sorry to hear that. Your class has been a refreshing change!

  2. Shealyn Abbott

    Selfishly I am sad to read this, but I wish you the best of luck in your search. I am sure I speak for many of your students when I say we will be sad to see you go.

  3. Laura Andrews

    I consider myself very fortunate to have been a student in your Cost Accounting class last semester and Intermediate Accounting II class this semester. You have challenged us with attainable objectives and made the learning process fun. It is regrettable that Upstate business students will not get the future opportunity to be in one of your classes.

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