Holiday Break is Over!


This year I am living a four week holiday break–the last two weeks in December and the first two weeks in January.  There are no classes and only a few meetings.

The first two weeks (minus the half week when I had to turn in course grades) have been great.  I’m home with the wife, getting reacquainted after a semester apart.  My two sons (29 & 24) also came home for Christmas.  I’ve been refreshing friendships at church and at the local bridge club.  Moreover, I’ve been staying up until 3 a.m., sleeping late, and taking a daily nap.  Oh yes, the video rental store is where everybody knows my name.  Cheers.

Today, January 2, is the day when we all head back to work.  My in-box so far has three times the e-mail from any day between Christmas and New Year’s.
It’s back to the business of too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

I have hours of news to read, a friend’s research paper to edit, blog posts to write, and course syllabi to write.  And that’s just for today.

buried-in-workby David Albrecht

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