Dealing with the Big P

I am disorganized.  Yeah, I admit  it.

All the signs are here:  cluttered office, missed deadlines, messy living space, rumpled appearance, e-mail in-box with hundreds thousands to read.  It’s procrastination with a capital P.  Everyone procrastinates, I suppose, but daily I see hear whining and see the results daily at school.

Students start studying for something the night before or the day that it is due.  So they ask for extensions. I don’t get the grading done quickly, so I beg for student forgiveness.

To-do lists help me for a while.  Lately, I’ve been using sticky notes and putting a list on my laptop desktop.  I’d like to finish this list by tomorrow afternoon.  Think I have a chance?

Where on this list do you see my research work that is directed toward future publications?  At least I have blogging down at the bottom.

by David Albrecht


Filed under Faculty issues

2 responses to “Dealing with the Big P

  1. Shealyn Abbott

    Now my question is……….WHY DID INTERMEDIATE 2 GET A RETEST OF EXAM 1???????? Oh how your cost class would have loved that opportunity. Sigh.

  2. I just love that the blogs are there, at the to-do list!

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