Procrastination …

I’m giving a test tomorrow.  At 11:22 p.m., am just now putting the finishing touches on the exam problems.  Why didn’t I do it earlier?

And I’ve had a never ending stream of cell phone calls and texts from students who are studying.  It’s obvious that many are studying the material for the first time.  Like me, they have been procrastinating.

Taking a detour on Youtube reveals evidence of some very creative people who created videos while procrastinating from school or work or whatever.

The first video is a simple song by KissPriss.  Priss has a nice voice, but she is avoiding school work.

MelTab27 puts a bit more effort into her video.  Procrastinators know very well about tomorrow, except MelTab spells it T-O-M-O-R-O.

Tina Solar (Splash1121) writes a simple song about procrastination.  The video, however, is anything but simple.  Nice job Tina.

Cat Dunn writes about the fun of procrastination.  No song here, but Cat is very entertaining.

If you made it to this point of the blog post, you really don’t want to do whatever.  Now, get back to work!

by David Albrecht

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