A Hand Over Face Moment

Earlier this week I had an appointment with a top university administrator, someone several pay grades above mine.

I showed up and the receptionist was a student.  Nice touch, I thought, putting one of our fine students in an important first impression position. With a bright smile, she well represented the university.

“I’m here to meet with Dr. so-and-so, and my name is David Albrecht.”

“I know, I’m in your class.”

There are no words to explain how embarrassed I felt.  And the exposure, there was no excuse to hide behind.  Just my hand.

It was just this bright expectant student and an old fool of a professor.

Last week I wrote about my problem in learning student names.  This is much worse.  I didn’t recognize that I had ever met this student before.  Never-the-less, she had been in every class of the semester.

Was she disappointed to discover I (this caring prof who loves students) didn’t even know that she exists?  Probably.

I made a horrible impression and did not well represent the university.

A professor simply must learn every student’s face and name.

And Ally, I’m sorry,

by David Albrecht

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