Q and his high tech gadgets.

The essence of education, in my humble opinion, is for students to play around with new-to-them things and push past boundaries.  Imagination and creativity are the keys to learning.  Q knew it, and James Bond always was the better for it.

Heard about some videos.  I have no skills with this tech stuff, but I can marvel when others show off.  Every video shown here today has gone viral, proving that others find them marvelous.

The first video is called “iPhone Pocket Guitar: Metallica, Nothing Else Matters,” posted to YouTube in 2008.  It shows the possibilities of musical iPhone apps.  Viral meter:  2.3 million hits.

Also from 2008 is the iPhone Band, performing something aptly titled, “iPhone Band.”  Viral meter: 5.5 million hits.

Now fast forward 2½ years, and let’s see how well people have learned to use this new musical medium.  Here are some North Point musicians playing 2010 Christmas music, titled “North Point’s iBand.”  Apparently they are using borrowed iPhones and iPads.  Viral meter:  2.8 million hits.

I’m envious.  None of my students has ever done something like this in one of my classes.  I’m cool.  There’s always time for a display of coolness.  Isn’t that what education is all about?

by David Albrecht

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