A ‘Crawl in a Hole and Hide’ Type of Day

There are many types of day in the collegiate world.  These types are so well known, you only need to mention the type of day and many will nod their heads indicating ‘Been there …’

A short while ago, I wrote about Friday Bodyspeak.  Even my new freshman students could relate to it.

When I woke up this morning, I had a pressing desire to crawl into a hole and hide.

My mind started filling with all the things that needed to be done today.  My first thought was I could no longer keep everything juggled into the air.  Not wanting for anyone to see me crash, it is tempting to simply crawl into a hole and pretend (just for one day) that I am not around.  And perhaps, if the day is struck from the record, no crash and burn ever takes place.

Isn’t that a seductive thought.  When disaster approaches there is a switch that can be toggled and poof, the nasty simply disappears.  It can’t hurt me.

The world doesn’t work that way, though.  So I got up and muddled through.  And most things turned out well enough.

It is tempting for students to succumb to temptation and actually hide.  There are no figures available, but crawl in a hole and hide is sometimes a factor in student absenteeism.  I hear many student excuses for being absent.  There are many students who don’t make any excuse.  Big mistake.  But whether excuse is offered or not, I always wonder if a student hid out for a day.

Hiding out can reduce emotional stress temporarily, which sometimes is a good thing.  But the stress will return, and you will need to cope when next you come out.

More often than not, getting on with the day’s scheduled activities is the best action.

– – by David Albrecht


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