Cross Disciplinary Teaching

I’m an accounting professor.  I really enjoy it, but sometimes must be apologetic.  Why?  Because many people have had unpleasant experiences in Accounting 101.  Others can only think of the stereotype of dull and boring.

I was not the professor for the first group’s unpleasant experiences, nor does a dull and boring stereotype mean that I must be dull and boring.  Never-the-less, the back step to create more space and the look of derision hurt my feelings.  That is why I apologize.

Sometimes, though, I fashion fantasies about trading identities.  I could be a spy catcher for the CIA.  Or a formula one champion.  Or, I’m a professor in something else.  Anything else,  except actuarial science or home economics.

I will forever be grateful to my current school for assigning me to teach Social Media, Blogging and Business.   Social media and blogging are sexy, at least compared to accounting. Moreover, I am excited by it.  People respond to that enthusiasm and talk to me for a while, even though I am dull and boring.

Who would ever have thought that a dull and boring numbers guy could teach a writing course?  My class probably sucks because I’m not trained to teach writing.  It doesn’t matter, though.  I’ve pulled my IRS t-shirt out of the closet, and now claim that “I‘m Really Sexy.”

I think that econ profs should, every few years, be assigned to teach the piccolo.  English profs should have to teach calculus.    Violinists should have to teach corporate finance.  Marketing profs should have to teach accounting (and vice versa).

Any professor worth his or her salt (what does that mean?) should be able to teach in another discipline.

by David Albrecht

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